modified starch for gypsum board

modified starch for gypsum board


DYBM™ Modified Starch(for gypsum board only) modified starch


Product name???DYBM Modified Corn Starch

Product features:
1. color: White and Light yellow
2. state: powder
3. Moisture Content: 25%-30%
4. degree of fineness:99.5%
5. PH range: 7-8
6. viscosity:1mpa.s
7. viscosity stability:90%


Product description:
1.Translucent cement grout, ivory, flexibility and stable, water-soluble good
2. Good fluidity, coating, adhesion of good permeability is strong
3. Can significantly enhance the strength of the gypsum board toughness

modified starch for gypsum board


Using the corn starch as raw material, the product is made with multi-chemicals and by sterilization, disinfection and physicochemical treatment. Its also a kind of absorbent power modified starch and widely used as gypsum board. 

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