Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

Mineral Wool Acoustic Decorative Board is the advanced decorative material which has the features of Decoration, Sound absorption, Fireproof, Preventing cold and hot, Energy-saving and Insulation.And we ara a large factory of mineral fiber board.OEM work is accepted.

Products packing: Standard paper carton (if need,packing according to customer's request)

Main features: To  decorate roof with a characteristic of inflaming retarding,damp-proof, sound absorption and prettify room.

Installation: Match with Ceiling T-bar.

Special color and design can be produced according to customer's request.

Products main parameter:  

1)  Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber

2)  Product Content: Mineral Fiber  

3)  Surface coating: hot solidification type emulsion paint of

4)  NRC: 0.50*

5)  CAC: minimum 30**

6)  Water content: <=3%

7)  Light Reflectivity: Minimum LR 0.80*

8)  Insulation Value: Average R Factor(at 750F, 24) is 1.31(BTU units),0.23(Watts units)

9)  Fire Performance: Meets GB8624-1997B1 Standards

10)  Mold resistance

11)  Fiber content: >=90%

12) Thermal conductivity: <= 0.065W/mK

13) Sound absorption: EN20140-1994

14) NON-Asbestos

15) NON-Formaldehyde

16) WEIGHT:260-450kg/m3

17) Standard Thickness:6.5MM, 6.8MM,7MM,8MM,9MM,10MM,11MM,12MM,14MM,15MM
18) Standard Dimensions:595*595MM,600*600MM,603*603MM,605*605MM,595*1200MM,603*1210MM

19)Edge detail: square, tegular, concealed and shiplap


Product Origin: china
Model Number:  
Brand Name: dybm

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