Fiber Cement Board

Fiber Cement Board

DYBM™Calcium silicate board is made of high grade siliceous and calcareous materials with the mixture of natural fiber reinforced substance. It is a brand new architectural and industrial board with excellent performances.

Partition board and ceiling floor, Counter fort, furniture scale board and fireproofing door scale board. Access flooring, desktop board, billboard, goods chest and wallboard of kitchen and toilet.

Features of Calcium silicate board:
1. Fireproof: It is flame resistant to combustion at 800 and remains flameless at1200. Non-flammability: National Standards GB8624 Grade A.
2. Humidity Resistance: The board still keeps Intact after being soaked in water for one month, the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will Not happen. It will Not disintegrate when Immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolonged periods of time.
3. High Strength: The strongest one among the inorganic thermal insulation materials with the similar density.
4. Heat Insulation: Lower thermal conductivity than other hard mass thermal insulation material.
5. Pressure tolerance, and acid resistance.

Thickness: 4.5~30mm
Max length: 1830mm, 2440mm
Max width: 915mm, 1220mm
Edges: Square /beveled
Colors: White, gray, light yellow

Product Origin: china
Model Number:  
Brand Name: dybm

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