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Magnesium oxide board Descriptionglass magnesium board

    Magnesium oxide board known as magnesium board,MGO board.The main raw material is MgO and MgCl2 .It is characterized by waterproof,fireproof and Not deformation .
    Magnesium oxide board enjoys strong points in more?fields compared with the plasterboard and the traditional partition board, either in the decoration for modem construction or the fire-resistent division for the industrial workshops
    Magnesium oxide board are smokeless and innocuous and 100% free from asbestos element which is harmful to human body. The board material is processed through antistatic treatment and is added with special recipes to enhance the stability. The face is smooth and free of air holes, non-reaction with halogen and not colored, thus the face is naturally smooth.
    The unique strongpoint of magnesium board is that it can be applied to many sites, such as office block, shopping center, aggregated apartments, steel reinforcement high-rises, bathrooms and museums, department stores, cinemas, acoustics rooms, industrial workshops, laboratories, and bathrooms and wash rooms where it is usually damp and so on .

Product Origin: China
Model Number: bmb
Brand Name: dongya

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